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Tlokotsi ea BORDER ea Biden: Kamoo E AMANANG Kateng Baahi ba Amerika

- The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming more dire every day. Many believe President Biden’s policies are to blame. The border crisis is not just a political issue — it affects real people and communities across America.

Local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed by the surge in illegal crossings. They lack the resources to handle the influx, leading to increased crime rates and strained public services. Residents in border towns feel unsafe and abandoned by their government.

Small businesses are also suffering due to the chaos at the border. Many owners report theft, vandalism, and a drop in customers because people fear for their safety. The economic impact of these issues cannot be ignored as it threatens livelihoods and local economies alike.

It’s clear that something needs to change quickly before more harm is done. Many Americans are calling for stronger immigration policies and better support for affected communities. They believe that securing our borders should be a top priority for this administration if they truly care about American citizens’ well-being and safety.

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